by Expect The Worst

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released May 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Expect The Worst Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: 40 oz Bounce
Wanna drink and smoke all night
Never running from a fight
Purple blue red and white
Gotta stay up all night

40 ounce bounce ugly ppl everywhere
40 ounce bounce That girl is puking on her hair
40 ounce bounce Booty smell in the air
40 ounce bounce. Bounce bounce bounce

People screaming through the night
Shards of glass in your eye
Helicopters in the sky
Filthy pigs fucking die
Track Name: The Feels
I don't want to grow up to be you
No I won't do what you do

Is this a joke or a One big game
What's in this world that you really wanna gain

I should live my life
Smoking a bowl
You know all this shit just
can't be put on hold
Track Name: Lost
Don't beat yourself upside the head. Don't beat yourself for this. Don't beat yourself upside the head, don't beat yourself for this

Your hated unwanted for the life U choose
damaged and punished deal with the abuse

Lost cause You're a lost cause

Worried bout tomorrow I doubt it thinks of you
all those tears of passion well who you crying toooooooo

Lost in the middle
of lonely and mad
Where nothing makes you happy
only when your bad bad bad
Track Name: Pointless
don't really care
I know it's unfair
To be struggling with things that mean nothing
Doesn't mean much if it doesn't make you something

Live with this weight
Making life gray
Youre counting the days
Looking for ways

To give up
To give in
To shut down
To be down and out

Don't be struggling with things that mean nothing
Doesn't mean much if it doesn't make you something
Track Name: First Time
I never been punch in my face.
It was a crazy feeling, it was a painful feeling.
I didn't know how to react,
So I thought to my self
should I attack?

Pushed to a rage,
That I don't wanna face.
It takes control,
Takes me to a dark hole.
All I want is beef,
Smash your fucking teeth!
I'm insane I'm insane....insane!

I probably look fucking dumb

At least I'm on my feet not
face deep in concrete.